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Is it better to book a mid-ship stateroom?

Each cruiser has their own preference when it comes to stateroom locations, however a mid-ship location is usually the most popular as it has the best proximity to most of the onboard facilities and also experiences the least movement.

Preferred stateroom location on board ship varies dependent upon each cruisers individual preference but a mid-ship location is usually the most popular for a number of reasons.

A mid-ship location is usually sought after as it is well located to all of the ships facilities. Onboard most ships the Atrium is located mid-ship offering a hive of activity with cafes, restaurant and bars and having a mid-ship location provides easy access to these facilities. For this reason they are excellent for those with mobility problems as they also provide easy access to elevators allowing those with mobility problems to navigate the ship more easily.

It is worth noting however that mid-ship staterooms can come at a premium with some cruiselines and it is not uncommon for a mid-ship cabin to experience more traffic outside in the hallways.

If you are looking at booking a mid-ship stateroom, be sure to check the location of the tenders or lifeboats as they can restrict your view and also be noisy when raised or lowered.

Mid-ship staterooms are also popular with those who suffer from seasickness or  for those who prefer to try and minimise the movement felt whilst onboard.

As a general rule, in inclement weather a mid-ship location will experience less forward and rear momentum, so if you do suffer from seasickness our best advice would be to stay on a lower deck near the middle of the ship where the motion will be felt least.

Although mid-ship is very popular it is not always to everyone’s taste. Some Cruisers like to feel the movement of the ship or prefer to be forward or aft for the wonderful views they get. Those sailing with children may also prefer to be closer to the childrens facilities onboard, everyone has their own preference.

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