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How strict are embarkation times? Do they let you on if you are late?

Embarkation times are dependent upon the cruise line and ship but generally boarding is available from midday onwards.

When you receive your cruise tickets you will be provided with an individual check-in time which is usually based on your stateroom allocation.

Embarkation times at port are normally staggered to allow a more streamlined boarding experience, however, if you miss your specific embarkation time you will be allowed to board up until general embarkation closes.

You should try and arrive at the port no earlier than the time stated on your tickets as this is your allocated time slot and it can become extremely busy at the terminal.

If you are delayed and you don’t think that you will be able to embark until after check in closes, it is essential to phone the number given on your cruise ticket and report that you are delayed.

Every effort will be made to allow you to board at the cruise line’s discretion.

In some instances, cruise departures may be delayed due to unavoidable factors such as adverse weather conditions. In extreme circumstances such as lengthy flight delays, it may also be possible for you to board at the next port of call.

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