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How long is a cruise?

There are cruises to suit the needs of every traveller. Some cruises last just a couple of days and sail to locations around the British Isles and Europe while others extend over a period of months as they cruise around the globe.

The duration of a cruise may depend on the chosen destination or the itinerary.

If you choose to sail from a UK Port then you have the choice of anything from a 2 night mini-cruise to a 15 or 16 night Caribbean sailing or for the more adventurous you can experience a full world circumnavigation lasting over 100 days!

The majority of cruises from UK ports in Summer sail to Europe and the Mediterranean and generally last anything between 5 and 17 days. 

Winter departures tend to be more centred around the Caribbean and the Canary Islands to really take advantage of winter sunshine destinations. These cruises tend to be slightly longer in duration due to the number of required days at sea; averaging anything between 9 and 21 days.

If you choose to Fly Cruise then a whole world of opportunity awaits as you will be able to experience cruises of almost any duration anywhere in the the entire world.

There is also the possibility to enjoy a Cruise and Stay holiday and spend some time cruising accompanied by an extended stay at a destination of your choice. Choose to stay before or after your cruise or perhaps even both!

With each cruise line offering different destinations and catering to different needs, our Cruise Experts can help you to find the perfect cruise to meet your needs. Call us today on 01204 208493 to find out more.

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