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Do you get better deals if you book last minute?

Cruises will almost always be at their cheapest closer to the departure date, however this will often require compromise as the availability and choice on offer will be much reduced.

Getting the best value for money in the price you pay for your cruise holiday is key for many cruisers, however this value is often measured through individual choice and expectation.  

Some guests like to book their cruise holiday at least a year in advance as they have specific requirements such as itinerary, stateroom or dining in mind, whereas others are more flexible and prefer to book last minute as they perhaps find it difficult to plan too far in advance.

As a rule the earlier you book your cruise the better the choice on offer will be for staterooms, deck availability and dining times, however, this will most probably end up costing significantly more than a last minute deal.

Cruise lines often include early booking incentives such as free drinks packages, gratuities or onboard spending money which will not be available on last minute bookings, so it is also worth considering this when making your decision.

Every cruiser has different expectations on what they are looking to get out of their cruise holiday. If you have specific requirements in mind then early booking would be preferable, but if you are more relaxed about your requirements then last minute booking would surely be the way to go.

There is not really any ‘best time’ to book anymore in the cruise industry. All pricing is fluid and can change dramatically from one day to the next so if you feel like you have seen a great cruise holiday offer our advice would be to book it as chances are that it won’t be around for long!

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