South America Cruise Itineraries

Alaska Cruises FAQs

What to pack for a South America cruise?

If you’re cruising South America during the cooler, dryer months, remember to pack layers, bathing suits and a mixture of short and long sleeves. During the warmer, wetter months, remember to pack shorter sleeves, rain gear and your bathing suit! If you’re looking to hike South America’s beautiful landscape, hiking boots are a must!

Can you cruise around South America?

You can, and South America cruises are an excellent way to see the sights. Blend secluded beaches with tropical jungles, ancient wonders and colonial cities.

Why cruise to South America?

South America is one of the most diverse continents in the world, home to deserts, tropical jungles, snow-capped mountain ranges and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Where do Cruises around South America depart from?

South America cruises depart from a variety fo ports, including Buenos Aires, Valparaiso, Rio de Janeiro, San Antonio, Panama City, Lima and more.