North America Cruise Itineraries

North America Cruises FAQs

Can I cruise from North America to the UK?

You can cruise from North America to the UK with transatlantic cruises, sailing from London or Dover to New York or Montreal.

What is the best river cruise in the USA?

River cruises around America take you along the Mississippi River, Hudson River, Columbia River and many more.

Do I need a visa to cruise around America?

Passengers onboard North America cruises require a valid passport and a Multiple Entry Visa.

What is the best time to cruise North America?

The best time for North America cruises is between May - October, when temperatures are warmer - peaking between late June and early September.

Can you cruise around America?

Explore our exclusive cruises around North America. Cruise along America’s East Coast from Florida to Quebec City, or explore America’s West Coast from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Seattle and Seward.