Alaska Cruise Itineraries

Alaska Cruises FAQs

Where do most Alaska cruises leave from?

Alaska cruises can depart from Seattle, Vancouver, San Fransisco, Juneau and Anchorage Alaska, adding both the California coast to British Colombia to your itinerary.

What is the best months for whale watching in Alaska?

Alaska’s peak whale season is from April until September, beginning with the arrival of the grey whales. Following in May are orcas, with humpback whales arriving in June.

Is a cruise a good way to see Alaska?

Cruising is one of the best ways to see Alaska, from the breath-taking glacier national parks to whale watching - not forgetting the incredible array of shore excursions, offering opportunities to explore this beautiful land further.

How far in advance should I book an Alaska trip?

Although there are plenty of opportunities for last-minute cruises to Alaska, planning your trip at least six months in advance will offer the best rooms, prices and ports of call.

Are Alaska cruises good for families?

Cruising with children has never been as easy as it is now. Not only are the onboard facilities and amenities on many cruise ships well suited for families, Alaska is an adventure unlike any other. Kids will love seeing polar bears and whales and taking in the adventure of being out in the vast wilderness.

What should I pack for an Alaska cruise?

As you would expect on a cruise around Alaska, temperatures can change drastically. So it’s best to be prepared for all kinds of weather. We recommend taking waterproof gear, such as rain jackets and warm pants, as well as sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves and wool socks. Polarised sunglasses are highly recommended, as is a waterproof bag and camera to snap every incredible moment.

How long are Alaska cruises?

At Destinology we offer a range of durations to suit you. Alaska Cruise durations range from as little as 5 to 7 nights and up to 12, 15 or 29 nights depending on the cruise line and the itinerary you choose.